Site Reports


Site Reports provide advanced views of page performance; including reporting over time, by creatives, placements, and experiences.

The Site Reports described are for use with DMP Site Campaigns only.

Locate the Site Reports Page

  1. Navigate to Advertiser Analytics > Site Reports in the DSP. The Site Reports page provides these performance charts and reports.

2. Select the page to report on from the Site Reports (Page) dropdown in the upper left of the page.

3. Click the performance chart or report you want to view.


Choose a time period, filters, and other options to configure each chart and report.

  1. Click the Options button and the options page for the selected chart or report is displayed.

  2. Click in the Start Date and End Date fields. A calendar is displayed to facilitate selecting start and end dates. Click a day in the calendar to select it. Alternatively, set the time period by clicking one of these buttons:

    1. Last 7 Days

    2. Last 30 Days

    3. Month to Date

    4. Year to Date

  3. Click the field. Filter Experiences inside the filter (the placement filter in the example below) to remove it. To view which other filters are available, click inside the highlighted box or where "Select more Experiences" is displayed in the x

  4. Select the Filter By from the Activity Stage button.

  5. Click the Apply button.

Click the Options button again to close the window.

The options available on the Options page vary depending on the chart or report being configured and the filters selected.


This is located on the Insights Page > Site Reports (Page) > Summary Chart.

  1. Select the Options button and set up the Summary chart.

  2. Click each dropdown and select metrics for display. Then, click the double arrow button in between the menus to swap the places of the metrics in the chart. The chart automatically numerically sorts the data bars descending.