Top Customer Insights

Opening the Report

  1. With the campaign open, click the caret (>) next to Manage Campaign (atop the page), and then click Campaign Analytics. The Report Builder appears. From this report, you can access all other Insights reports.

2. Click the caret next to Report Builder, and select Dashboard >Top Customer from the drop-down menu.

3. The Top Customer report will appear. 

  • The Top Customer report reflects the age, gender, income, and interest areas of individuals who have been found to perform the best for your campaign over the past 56 days. Since it identifies segments where a campaign resonates, this report provides useful feedback for the campaign it describes and others as well.

  • Defined at the campaign level, Top Customer Profile is based on click lift for click-based campaigns and conversion lift for conversion-based goals.

  • When the items in the Top Customer Profile contain links, these go back to the reports which reflect only the demographics of the links you have chosen.