Summary Insights


The Summary and Top Insights Report measure lift – the Zeta model's performance in predicting enhanced responses from a targeted audience compared to random choice – for both conversion and click activity, from different environments and consumer attributes. 

It may be tempting to use the Insights information to add constraints to your campaign. However, this is not necessary. Zeta's AI takes this learning into account and automatically avoids presenting Ads in situations that have a low probability of success. Adding constraints is not necessary, but it is also detrimental. Adding too many constraints limits the ability of the AI to discover information for your campaign. Instead, then, use Insights results to help fine-tune Ads and your non-digital campaigns in useful ways:

  • Finding types of customers you may not realize you had.

  • Discovering which types of Ads work best.

  • Discovering which types of customers may need different types of Ads.

Opening the Summary Report

  1. Navigate to the DSP logo in the upper left corner. The DSP shows a menu for Advertisers and Admin.

2. Select the Account that contains your Advertiser, and then select your Advertiser. The DSP shows all the Advertiser's campaigns.

3. Select the campaign you would like to view from the list.

4. With the campaign open, click the caret (>) next to Manage Campaign (atop the page), and then click Campaign Analytics > Report Builder > Dashboard > Summary

5. The Zeta DSP displays a screen like the following:

This view presents an overview tile for each characteristic associated with either positive or negative engagement performance, relative to your campaign average. The order in which the platform displays these tiles varies depending on lift percentage. If you have multiple companies and/or campaigns you may see a different arrangement for each.

Characteristics reflective of the audience are:

  •  Age

  •  Interests

  •  Past (Retail) Purchases

Characteristics reflective of context are:

  •  (User) Geo, at the state level (in the US and Australia)

  •  (Page) Content

  •  Time of Day

  •  Day of Week

  •  Ad Size

The default view is based on conversions, but use the interface at the top left (see Figure 2) to click Conversion Rate Lift and then Click-through Rate Lift to base it on click-throughs.

GEO Report

For the GEO report, each geographical unit is color-coded to reflect its lift percentage. In addition, you may hover over the map to display the precise amounts. The following maps are available:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Mexico

  • Netherlands

  • Norway

  • Spain

  • Sweden 

  • United States

  • The United Arab Emirates

  • Kuwait

  • Qatar

  • Bahrain

  • Oman

  • Egypt

  • Nigeria

  • Tunisia

  • Morocco


 Data Thresholds

There are two thresholds, per day and period, that must be met for data to populate on the Summary page: 

  1. Per Day: the following elements must have at least 10 views, at least 1 click, or at least 1 conversion per day: 

    1. Cohort (any users, users with clicks, users with conversions) 

    2. Campaign ID 

    3. Line Item ID 

    4. Feature (e.g. age) 

    5. Value (e.g. people between 20-24)  

  2. Per Period: the following elements must have at least 5000 views, at least 8 clicks, or at least 4 conversions per 7, 14, 28, or 56 day period: 

    1. Campaign or Line Item ID 

    2. Feature (e.g. age) 

    3. Value (e.g. people between 20-24)