Cross-Device Influence

Unified profiles correspond to the users that Zeta recognizes on more than one device. Use this screen to see how frequently the Zeta AI takes advantage of the cross-device information.

1-At the Campaign level, click Manage Campaign (atop the page) > Campaign Analytics > Cross Device > Cross-Device Influence to view the report.

2-Click the Date Picker to select a date range. The platform updates the graphs to use only data from this time period.

3-The report contains four graphs, each displayed below.


This graph breaks down the impressions the campaign served to Unified Profiles vs. those served to Single-Device Profiles.


This graph displays Campaign Spend to Unified Profiles vs. Single-Device Profiles. 

Cross-Device CPA

Displays Cost per Action for Unified Profiles vs. Single-Device Profiles. For example, the figure above reflects that Zeta delivered at a CPA of $0.67 to consumers having Unified (cross-device) Profiles, as compared to a CPA of $1.30 to consumers having only Single-Device Profiles. 

Cross-Device Conversion Rate

Displays Conversion Rate for Unified Profiles vs. Single-Device Profiles. As the AI leverages the cross-device profile data to drive the most efficient outcome, only 1-3% of these unified users actually see a particular campaign’s ads on more than one device.