Audience Insights: Profile First Party


The First Party Profile page contains profile reports for first-party data that has been on-boarded to the DSP platform.

Configure a Reference Attribute

In order to use First Party Profile reporting, it's necessary to first configure a Reference attribute. This provides a point of reference for comparing other first-party attributes when calculating indexes. In choosing your reference attribute, it's best to pick a high-volume attribute that represents your general customer base.

There can be only one Reference Attribute per Advertiser/Organization. The checkbox to indicate a Reference Attribute will disappear from all other attributes once set.

To configure an Attribute as a Reference Attribute:

  1. Click the Audiences > Attributes page.

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the Attribute you would like to configure as a Reference Attribute. The Edit Audience Attribute screen appears.

  3. Change to the Advanced tab

  4. Check the Reference checkbox.

Profile Report Description

First Party Attribute Profile reports are similar to other Profile reports, except that they use your own proprietary data, instead of third-party data.

For example, the report below shows how likely a user is to take action on the Origin Air website, based on their Executive Club Level. Not surprisingly, users with Diamond status take the most activities, and users with basic Frequent Flier status take the least.

As with other profile reports, indices are always calculated against other users that have an attribute. In other words, the report below shows how likely users with a Diamond Executive Club Level are to take an action as compared to other users with an Executive Club Level, not compared to all customers.

Profile First Party Report

If a Reference Attribute has been set up for the Audience, the Reference Attribute appears first in the results providing a baseline for the other data. The Reference Attribute does not have to be selected and appears automatically in the results.

The statement at the top of the report is a reminder of the criteria used to generate the report. Buttons in the upper right allow you to download and save the report.