Audience Insights: Discover Data Providers

Discover Attribute Categories Report

The Discover Attribute Categories page provides a view of attribute performance arranged by Category.

Discover Data Providers Report

The Discover Data Providers report displays a highly interactive visualization of attribute performance arranged by data providers.

It can be used to find top performing attributes within a specific provider (e.g. which eXelate attributes work best?) or to compare attributes across categories (e.g. does Datalogix data provide more value than Blue Kai data?).

The visualization can be manipulated in the following ways:

  • Click the Hide link a the bottom of a result panel to hide the corresponding results panel above and the bar chart below.

  • In the bar chart below, roll your cursor over the text label for underlying data for the result.

  • The statement at the top of the report is a reminder of the criteria used to generate the report.

  • A button in the upper right allows the user to save the report.