Audience Insights: Discover Attributes


The Discover Attributes page highlights specific high-performing first and third-party data attributes.

Click these toggles along the bottom of the Discover Attributes Bubble Chart to change how the data is displayed on the X and Y axis and in the bubbles:

Chart Component


Y axis

Converts Reached - Number of users who converted after receiving an impression

Clickers - Number of unique users that clicked an impression

X axis

Response Rate - Number of users who responded to an impression by converting per thousand served

% of Served Users - Percentage of users who responded to an impression by converting


Uniques Reached - Number of unique users who received an impression

Imps - Number of impressions served

Discover Attributes Bubble Chart

Once the options have been configured, there are two options for displaying the data: the bubble chart and the grid

The Bubble Chart is a standard scatter plot sorted by volume and score. Bubbles on the far right represent the largest user group, and bubbles higher in the chart are higher performing. 

To view actual metrics associated with an attribute simply mouse over the bubbles and a tooltip will display.

Click the toggles at the bottom of the chart to modify the display.