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Step 9: Contacts (Optional)

This step of the DSP Campaign Builder is Optional.

This optional step allows users to be assigned as a contact based on their role in managing the campaign. Adding a user's name as a contact to a campaign allows assigned contacts to easily view all their campaigns in the My Items section on the left-hand navigation. This gives the user a birds-eye view of all their campaigns, especially if they manage campaigns across multiple advertisers or accounts.

Some level of users may have read-only access to this step. Please reach out to your Account Manager with any questions or concerns.

Within the Contacts (Optional) tab of the Campaign Builder, select an Account Manager, Trader, Analyst, Sales Person #1, and Sales Person #2 from the respective dropdowns.

Click on Save & Close to return to the Campaign’s homepage. Your Campaign is ready to be launched!

You can choose to Launch the Campaign then itself, or later.

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