Creating a New Advertiser

  1. Click the DSP menu in the upper-left corner. The DSP expands to show an Account menu.

  2. Click the Account menu, and then begin typing the name of the account that the new Advertiser will be associated with.

The Advertiser will inherit settings from the Account.

3. Click +Advertiser in the upper-right.

Adding Advertiser Name and Details

After opening the Advertiser builder, you enter the name and pricing information for the Advertiser.

Enter in the following fields:



Name of Advertiser

Enter the Advertiser's name. This name must be unique. You may wish to search using the bar at the top right to see whether the company name you wish to use already exists.

Short Name

Enter a version of the company name that is ten characters or less. The Short Name matters if you are also using the Zeta DMP software offering, where the Short Name is used in a number of places, especially on company selection screens. If you are already using the DMP, ensure that the Short Name you enter here matches the one you used on the DMP.

Currency Type

Select the currency type.

Time Zone

Select the time zone to be used as the start and stop times for campaigns. This is also used for reporting.

Set Advertiser-level Targeting

This is an optional step. You can add targeting to the Advertiser, which will apply to all campaigns run for that Advertiser. 

Enter Advertiser Contacts

This is an optional step. Enter the email addresses of the Account Manager, Trader, Analyst, Sales Person #1 and Sales Person #2. Click Save (in the upper right) to save the Advertiser.

Edit an Existing Advertiser

  1. Click the Advertiser name on the top menu to view The Campaign Grid.

  2. Click Advertiser Settings at the top-right corner of the grid.

  3. The Advertiser Builder opens. Make any necessary edits and Save.