After creating a campaign's line-items and tactics, you can apply all Targeting restrictions via the Campaign Builder. Reference Set Targeting for more information on this process. 

The Targeting Column within the Campaign Grid is available to all line-items and tactics within the campaign. Click into this column (for any line-item or tactic) to add and/or revise Targeting restrictions.

Apply Targeting Rules in Bulk

The Campaign Grid's Bulk Action menu lets you apply targeting rules to many line-items and tactics at the same time.

  1. Click the checkbox next to each line-item and/or tactic you would like to bulk edit targeting to.

  2. Click the Bulk Action menu, and then click Targeting.

3. The DSP shows the selected line-items and tactics. Click +Targeting to add a new targeting rule to the selected line-items and tactics.

4. Apply targeting as usual. See Targeting for details.