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Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE)

“ZOE might be your new best friend!”

While there may be a few murmurs of discontent regarding the fact that AI is dominating a significant aspect of our daily lives; at the end of the day, chatbots are only growing - in terms of popularity, usage, and reach. The last few years are a strong witness to how AI has made some really important strides. Despite the improved and continued adoption of AI by customers and businesses alike, we’ve also experienced a tectonic shift in what we can start to expect from generative AI.

With the belief that generative AI technologies represent a new paradigm in computing and business, Zeta has emerged at the start of the race with its newest member - ZOE. As the future of most chatbots lies in their ability to automate functions that were once fulfilled by human beings, ZOE can help solve your biggest challenges.

ZOE’s Abilities

ZOE will solve questions around creativity, automation, optimization, prediction, and so much more. More importantly, ZOE is here to enhance your customer experiences to the max. ZOE can:

  • Answer Onboarding Questions

  • Answer Questions by using our Knowledge Base

  • Answer Analytics-Related Questions from the Report Builder

and so on.

The more specific you are, the better the answer you’ll get.

2024-02-06_12-47-36 (1)-20240206-071849.gif

For Example

Ask complex questions, and get powerful answers:

‘Who should I target?’

‘What was my conversion rate yesterday?’

‘What are my customers’ favorite restaurants?'

‘Which of our data sources contribute most to our win-back campaigns?’

‘What are the most common customer journeys?’

You no longer need to know SQL to access insights.  

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