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Zeta Marketing Platform SLAs - Standard Version

Zeta's SLA overview provides insight into the overall levels of performance, support, and response times provided by Zeta Global Teams and the Zeta Marketing Platform. This article is designed to set baseline expectations and provide details about the tiered approaches that are available.

For custom requests, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Uptime SLA


SLA over a given month



Performance & Data SLAs

Within an Hour Zeta Handles:

Data Point


  • Data Imports: Consists of Users and Events. Events are behavioral data points that the customer sends us from other systems. Usually these are site, web, and mobile app behavior. But sources vary. Events inform campaigns.

  • Data Exports: ZMP users can request to export events and/or users to a specified location for a number of downstream workflows.

1 Million

  • Data Realtime: Imported files have events that are meant to trigger real time messages.

2 Million

  • Campaign Execution: Total messages that can be sent for a static (without recommendations) campaign.

  • Campaign Burst Executions: Burst rate at which the system can send messages for up to 10 minutes for an account across all their campaigns.

Standard Campaign Executions: 10 Million

Available: 40 Million+ with additional scoping

Campaign Burst Executions: 400k per minute for up to 10 minutes

  • API - User Lookup

250 requests/sec with median response time of 500ms.

The Zeta Marketing Platform is based on the flexible AWS structure, and can scale to meet higher volumes as required.

All times reflect processing time only. Additional time will be needed for data cleansing, unification, de-dupe, etc.

Platform Support SLAs for ZMP & Programmatic Platforms


Initial Response

Problem Definition and Action Plan


Time to resolution

Sev0 - Highest

Within 30 minutes

A problem that severely impacts your use of the Zeta Marketing Hub platform, such as the inability to send out e-mails or recommendations (effectively production systems are not functioning.) The situation halts your business operations and no procedural workaround exists.

Every hour until issue is completely resolved.

Team to work around the clock (24/7) to resolve the most urgently critical incidents and make desperate efforts to resolve right away or at the earliest.

Sev1 - Critical

Within 1 hour

A problem where the Zeta Marketing Hub platform is functioning but your use in a production environment is severely reduced, such as broken recommendations on your website or in an e-mail. The situation is causing a high impact to portions of your business operations and no procedural workaround exists. An incident can be classified as a Sev 1 incident even if the impact is limited to only one client.

Every 2 hours until issue is completely resolved.

Team to work around the clock (24/7) to resolve critical incidents and make reasonable efforts to resolve at the earliest feasible timeline.

Sev2 - High

Within 2 hours

A problem that involves partial, non-critical loss of use of the Zeta Marketing Hub platform in a production environment or development environment. For production environments, there is a medium-to-low impact on your business, but your business continues to function, by using a procedural workaround.

Every week until an ETA is established.

Team to work around the clock (24/7) to resolve high priority incidents and make reasonable efforts to resolve at the earliest feasible timeline.

Sev3 - Medium

Within 2 hours

A general usage question, reporting of a documentation error, or recommendation for a future product enhancement or modification. For production environments, there is low-to-no impact on your business or the performance or functionality of your system.

Every two weeks until an ETA is established.

Development will work business hours until resolved.

Technical Support will be available 24x7

Disaster Recovery



Zeta Marketing Platform - ZMP

RPO - Recovery Point Objective

  • 24 hours - Full Failover

RTO - Recovery Time Objective

  • 8 hours - Full Failover

Mail Transfer Agent - MTA

RPO - Recovery Point Objective

  • 0 hours - Full Failover

RTO - Recovery Time Objective

  • 0 hours - Full Failover

Zeta delivers billions of emails a month for millions of People. We use multiple MTAs, placed in different world-class data centers around the United States. These data centers are maintained at the highest level of security and run concurrently to provide failover redundancy in the event of a partial outage. We have DDOS mitigation in place at all of our data centers. We have a documented infrastructure continuity plan.

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