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Streamlit Applications

Zeta brings the power of our leading MarTech software directly to your Snowflake instance. Using Streamlit and Snowpark, the Zeta Customer Matcher application enables you to enrich customer records stored in different electronic systems that are not linked or not associated with customer records. Unlinked data can result in an incomplete customer view, redundant data entry, and impact the quality of care provided while missing out on potential sales opportunities.

Zeta Customer Matcher Application is an advanced technique that utilizes statistical algorithms to match data from multiple sources. For this process, two data sources are involved:

Unmatched data

Unmatched data contains complex data such as credit card transactions that cannot be matched with standard identifiers.

Matched data

Matched data refers to the CDP data that should be linked with the unmatched data. The deterministic techniques are widely used in industrial record matching, but the advanced data linking algorithms can match the records on a provided score. This score determines how strictly we need to match the records and the higher the records higher the matched accuracy.

The Algorithm will need the following parameters to run:

  • The main column on which to run it,

  • The selected threshold for the final matched table results,

  • Extra columns for the algorithm to run on,

and other optional parameters.

The two data sources should be uploaded, and the application will give insights into the data separately. The algorithm then compares rows of data and calculates how similar the values are, either string or numeric. If two values are the same, it would be considered a 100% similarity and a one-to-one match. According to the selected threshold, a final table with the pairs that were matched between the customer data and the unmatched data is created. The lower the threshold the less accurate is the pairing.

The app will also provide details on the custom logic used to incorporate matching restrictions based on store and store zip area, which allows for more targeted and specific matching.

Change the parameters and change the prediction, all in an easy-to-interpret visual dashboard. Zeta uses Snowpark UDF, Streamlit, and the Native App framework to enable this customer matcher capability. A preview of the application using Zeta sample data is immediately available by following the instructions in the link below.

To experience the application using your first-party data, please see the expected workflow below for client-specific outputs:

1. Customer sends an email to Zeta at with the following information: Account ID, Account Locator, Industry Vertical

2. The customer creates two tables

  • Unmatched data

  • Matched data

3. Zeta will access client data and run it against Zeta’s proprietary data set to generate client-specific charts. (Estimated time to deliver is 20 business days)

4. Zeta will notify the client when they are able to run the application in their account to generate their client-specific outputs.

Business Needs

Data to be linked

Understand the best data sources to be linked

This will give the insights of the additional record informations that can be linked:

Accelerating Advertising Revenue

  • Maximize your ad spend by focusing additional linked attributes

  • Improved targeting and maximize ROI

Audience Segmentation

Learn about where your customers are spending time and money.

Customer Acquisition

Use conversion trends to anticipate future purchase behavior


Consumer data is kept private and secure.

After the app is installed, it is recommended by the provider to grant the following privileges as needed:

Account-level privileges

This app doesn’t need any account level privileges.

Privileges to objects

This app doesn’t need any privileges to objects.


This app doesn’t collect any logs.

Downloading the Application

The application can be downloaded and installed from Marketplace using the GET button and selecting the proper warehouse. 

The user needs to have a profile with name and email to get the data if user profile does have issues with the installation of the app.  

(warning) Please ask your account administrator to complete your user profile. 

Running the Application  

Once the application is installed, navigate to Apps and select the application to run.

This will execute the background script and run the application in the browser under the STREAMLIT_APP tab. 

The Seven Plots



Match distribution 

  • This plot will show the Zeta customer record.

  • Matches based on email, name and phone. 

Data Signal Matches 

  • This plot represents percentage based enriched categories.

  • Zeta can enrich upwards of 96% of records. 

Transactional Category 

  • This plots provides a view of transactional patterns over time seen in Zeta data.

  • This plot is interactive and user can view different timelines. 


Price Sensitivity Scores Across Age and Income Band 

  • This plot provides Zeta Price Sensitivity score for customer records across age and income bands. 

Omni-Channel Reach 

  • This plot provides the optimal channel mix and strategies for customer. 


 Click Behavior of the Day across Months  

  • This plot provides engagement of customer records intra-week and across months. 

Conversion Predictions 

  • This plot provides conversions, predictions, and comparisons based on different clients. 




Matched to Data Cloud

Count of records matched to Data Cloud.

Not Matched to Data Cloud

Count of records not matched to Data Cloud. 


Count of records with a behavioral signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records with a professional signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records with a location signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records with a transactional signal in the Data Cloud.


Count of records matched to Data Cloud using email.


Count of records matched to Data Cloud using phone. 

Using the Application  

If you're interested in using Zeta’s Customer Growth Intelligence application with your first-party data, please follow the process below:




Contact Zeta.

If you would like to use your data in this application, please contact


Open a data share with Zeta.

This application requires data to be enhanced with Zeta data.

System administrators should grant access in the application to access the required data for enrichment and analysis.

Data is isolated and secure.


Share the consumer account name with Zeta.

Zeta will enable the Zeta views to the application where it can visualize enriched data in the application UI under the consumer account.

Customer vertical should be communicated then, Zeta will select competitors for comparison.



There are variety of graphs that can be added to the application.

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