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Your Own AI Assistant


Besides its transformative functionalities, ZOE also has generative AI Agents that evolve from basic functionalities to more specialized, collaborative, and impactful roles across various domains. A ZOE Agent is like a subject matter expert (SME) in a particular ZMP-related topic who acts as your assistant in walking you through any task/questions related to that topic.

For Example

You might have one Agent that has been specifically tuned to write email subject lines, another that can generate images and one more that creates custom campaign reports. Each Agent works independently to help the marketer do their job more effectively. 

ZMP provides a library of pre-built AI agents that you can easily leverage in your day-to-day work.


One Size Does Not Fit All

In addition to a library of pre-built AI agents, ZOE also allows you to create your own custom AI Agent that will be tailored to accomplish a specific task for you within ZMP. With this ability for complete customization, you can easily harness the power of Generative AI to create Agents that are tailored to their specific needs and business cases. The Agent Creation follows the PLACE (Part, Landscape, Assignment, Course, and Example) framework guiding you through a systematic process of defining the role, context, tasks, actions, and expected outcomes for your AI Agents.






Define the role of the AI Agent within the marketing team.

  • This could be data analysis, content creation, customer interaction, or any other specific marketing function.

The clearer the role, the more effectively the Agent can be programmed to perform its duties. 



Outline the operating environment or context in which the AI Agent will function.

  • This might include market factors, target audience, competition, or specific products.

  • Information can also be pulled from the Zeta Data Cloud to augment first-party data for more targeted results.

By understanding the landscape, the AI Agent will be better equipped to make informed decisions and adapt to changes in the environment. 



Specify the particular tasks that the AI Agent will perform.

  • This could range from analyzing customer data, managing social media accounts, conducting market research, to creating and executing full marketing campaigns.

The key is to detail these tasks as clearly as possible so that the AI Agent knows exactly what it needs to do. 



Define the actions that the AI Agent will take to accomplish its tasks.

  • This involves setting parameters around what the agent can and should do in certain situations such as when to access internal or external APIs. 



Provide examples of the desired output.

  • This could be in the form of reports, insights, customer engagement metrics, or any other tangible results that the marketer expects from the Agent.

Providing examples helps to fine-tune performance and ensure the Agent delivers on its objectives. 

Creating Assistants

Navigate to Data > Models List and click on Create Assistant.


As the Assistant Builder pops open, enter your preferred configuration (assistant name, description, instructions, reference documents)


Quick Access to Agents

Once you navigate back to ZOE and type in “@” in the text box, it will show a rolling list of all the agents that are created within your account.

Once selected, the ZOE chatbox will transform into the chatbox of that specific agent, helping you accomplish the particular actions that the agent was built out for.

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