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Widget Dictionary

The Dashboard includes the following widgets:

Campaign Intelligence Widgets

Campaigns at a Glance

The Campaigns at a glance widget allows you to easily and quickly assess performance for the campaigns you select. This widget can display up to five metrics that showcase performance the selected campaigns. With this widget, you can:

  • Add unlimited metrics

  • Choose how many metrics to view at once

  • Scale up (all campaigns for one advertiser) and down (line item or tactic from a campaign)

Prospect: Top Offer

The Prospect: Top Offers widget shows the total Opens and Clicks per offer on the prospect campaign.

This widget displays the offers with the most clicks and opens.

Prospect: Top Creative

The Prospect: Top Creative widget renders the creative and amount of clicks on each for the lifetime of the prospect campaign.

This widget displays the creatives with the most clicks and opens.

Prospect: Subject Lines

The Prospect: Top Subject Lines provides a list of Top Subject line copies and the number of clicks associated with that Subject Line.

This widget displays the subject lines with the most opens or the most clicks.

Customer: Broadcast Campaigns

The Customer: Broadcast Campaigns widget allows you to quickly and easily assess the campaign performance of your recent campaigns.

This widget displays open and click data for the five most recent broadcast campaigns.

Programmatic: Objectives

The Programmatic: Objectives widget shows a single campaign’s objective and performance against that objective by day and cumulative.

This widget displays overall and day-by-day performance against the objective for the campaign selected.

Programmatic: Budget

The Programmatic: Budget widget helps to trade and allows you to monitor your clients' spend for specific campaigns.

This widget displays budget, spend, and pacing data for the campaign selected.

Programmatic: Geographic

The Programmatic: Geographic widget displays the top ten US States with the most impressions, clicks, or conversions for the campaign selected.

Media: Forecasting

The Media: Forecasting Widget allows the forecasting of programmatic supply including the following metrics:

  • Qualified Bid Requests

  • Uniques

  • Conversions

  • Impressions

  • Average Bid on Wins (CPM)

  • Average Media Cost

  • Click-to-Open Rate (CTOR)

  • Bids Placed

  • Average Bid (CPM)

  • Win% on Bids

Email: Forecasting

The Email: Forecasting Widget allows the forecasting of email engagement including the following metrics:

  • Uniques

  • Available

  • Open Rate

  • Click-to-open-rate

  • Conversions

  • Total Revenue

  • Average Order Total

  • Total Number of Orders

SMS: Forecasting

The SMS Forecasting Widget allows the forecasting of message engagement including the following metrics:

  • Click-to-Open Rate (CTOR)

  • Total Sends

Recommendation Widget

The Recommendation Widget allows you to take recommended actions to optimize your campaigns ensuring that you’re taking the correct actions for your business.

Campaign Forecast vs. Actual Performance

This Campaign Forecast vs. Actual Performance widget compares forecasted campaign performance metrics against their actual outcomes, providing a clear overview of the accuracy and reliability of Zeta forecasts.

Market Intelligence Widgets

Prospect: Incremental Lift

The Prospect: Incremental Lift widget shows how much your click rate has improved over a selected date range.

This widget displays performance against goals for the incremental activities that are being tracked.

Customer: Purchase Trends

The Customer: Purchase Trends widget displays purchases, revenue, and average order value.

News Feed

With the News Feed widget, you can quickly and easily access relevant articles and information that can help you make informed marketing and business decisions.

This is a live feed and does not consider the date range of the entire dashboard

Customer Intelligence Widgets

Audiences at a Glance

The Audiences at a Glance widget allows the user to add segments.

This widget displays growth data for the selected audiences and lets you select which segments you would like to view in the widget.

The stats displayed here is the total for the current day. The percentage increase does change based on the date range set.


Helping you target customers with appropriate incentive programs and rewards, the LTV Widget allows you to see the LTV of your customers on a time scale, which breaks down customers into the following Audience Segments:

  • Low Spend

  • Moderate Spend

  • Average Spend

  • High Spend

  • Premium Spend

This widget empowers you to:

  • segment your customers based on their value to your business

  • identify your high-value customers and personalize their experience with targeted marketing campaigns

  • nurture your low-value customers and turn them into loyal brand advocates with tailored incentives.


Helping you retain and grow your current customers, the Churn widget will show you your Churn Rate for the Next 30 Days and create new Audience Segments for you:

  • Low Churn Risk

  • High Churn Risk

  • Churned

Churn is calculated based on customer inactivity with your marketing and content within a month window. 

The training data for the Churn model comprises various features that can be categorized into four main groups:

  1. Active Event Features: These features are related to events that are triggered by the action of the end client (e.g., page view, purchase, click).

  2. Open Event Features: These features are related to the events where a user opens something (e.g., an email or a page).

  3. Passive Event Features: These features are related to activities that may be connected with the end user but don’t necessarily imply a direct action from the user.

  4. Negative Event Features: These features are related to negative actions taken by the user, such as unsubscribing.

So, if you are inactive for most of the month say 27 days, you are high churn. If you are inactive for 5 days, you are low churn.

This widget automatically creates low, medium, and high churn audience segments, which means that you can then target those audiences with campaigns, or get further insights on that audiences. I’d likely not do anything with Low Churn and Medium Churn audiences. And focus on retaining high churn probably segments.

Platform Intelligence Widgets

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed widget includes events for all account activity over the date range, allowing you to quickly and easily assess the status of the events taking place within their account. You can search for and filter down specific activities within the activity feed.

This widget displays real-time status updates for activities within the account.

Onboarding Manager

With the Onboarding Manager widget, you can quickly and easily stay organized and informed during onboarding with a comprehensive plan featuring tasks, milestones, blockers, resources and contacts.

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