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What are some use cases of Opportunity Explorer?


The Opportunity Explorer meets the needs of various groups with different uses cases. This articles describes the groups who typically find the Opportunity Explorer helpful in uncovering impactful marketing opportunities.

User Groups

The user groups that typically explore the Opportunity Explorer for insights include:

  • agencies to support the end client,

  • marketing teams for omni-channel campaigns,

  • strategist and planners to leverage Zeta Data and insights for digital and offline strategy,

  • and analytics teams to leverage Zeta Data and insights for modeling and analysis of metrics and data patterns.

Use Cases

A few typical Opportunity Explorer use cases include those who wish to:

  • explore market level insights including the competitive landscape, vertical and brand-related topics that resonate with consumers and prospective customer reach, interests and brand affinities,

  • uncover opportunities to acquire new customers, up-sell/cross-sell to existing clientele and retain consumers at risk of churning,

  • gain insight into reports on specific client use cases, ready for immediate activation,

  • obtain insights into post campaign launches,

  • view quarterly insight reports as well as performance reporting that help identify ways to expand and extend client initiatives.

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