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Subscription Management

Allowing visitors to receive automated updates as per their relevance, email subscription has eventually become the core part and a starting point for any email marketing strategy. Once you subscribe to our emails, your email address is added to Zeta’s mailing list. We also allow a good-enough level of customization and segmenting, making it easy to send subscribers targeted content. While subscribing to our emails gives us the allowance to send you almost everything every time, we won’t! Zeta says no to spamming!

Active & Inactive Subscribers

In this era of email subscription, engagement is usually defined by an open or click. However, at Zeta, we believe that the best way to define a subscriber as active or inactive must entail looking at both their activities as a subscriber and their activities as a customer across our campaigning channels.

While an active subscriber is consistently opening or clicking on their email campaigns often, an inactive subscriber is someone on your email list who hasn’t engaged with any of your emails after a set amount of time.

Why Inactivity?

We have a specified amount of time after non-engagement that we consider best before calling a subscriber inactive. There are three major kinds of inactives:


These contacts (email/phone) are considered reachable, but the person has explicitly or implicitly asked not to be sent promotional messages. Skipped for only Promotional.


People who have clicked through the unsubscribe page and unsubscribed a contact.


People who have responded directly to the email with a keyword that requests an unsubscribe.


People who have responded with a STOP request (or another client-defined keyword) to an SMS.


People who have clicked on the one-click list unsubscribe in their email tool. This function is possible via the ZMP thanks to a value in the header of the email to the person.


People who have used the spam complaint function in their email tool.


These contacts (email/phone) are considered unreachable due to having tried sending previously. Skipped for both Promotional and Transactional.


People who have had one hard bounce.


People who have had 7 consecutive soft bounces without a qualifying positive event (delivered, opened, clicked).


These contacts (email/phone) are considered unreachable but by importing/updating this status via file or API. Skipped for both Promotional and Transactional.

There’s no “one size fits all” answer for how to manage inactives. We are just here to help you deal with each of the three kinds of inactive subscribers to maximize success and keep the risks in check.

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