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Skip Message

You may find yourself in a scenario where you want to skip/suppress a message for a person based on some logic in the content itself. This tag allows you to do so.

{% skip_message message:"<user defined message>" %}

All message skips caused by this liquid tag will be recorded as a Message Skipped event in the person’s journey with:

  • reason = custom_skip

  • reason_detail = <user defined message>

Code snippets that can be included on top or within the personalization logic of any message serve as a good example.


Skip if there is no data in the external feed:

{% if ext_feed == empty %} {% skip_message message:"No data in feed"}

Skip if a person received a message within the last 2 days:

{% assign today_date = 'now' | date: '%s' %}
{% assign pre_date = last_contacted | date: '%s' %}
{% assign diffSeconds = today_date | minus: pre_date %}
{% assign diffDays = diffSeconds | divided_by: 3600 | divided_by: 24 %}
{% if diffDays < 2 %}
{% skip_message message:"Last contacted within last 2 days" %}
{% endif%}

The constraint used in the campaign is on user properties, whereas the variable is sent in the event properties.

The Zeta Marketing Platform manages skips at a person level, not a contact level. For example, consider person John Doe who has an email address (contact 1) and mobile phone number 555-345-6789 (contact 2). When the ZMP skips sending a campaign message to John’s email, it will also automatically skip sending him an SMS message, even if the skip criteria weren’t explicitly met for contact 2.

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