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Security Options

The Zeta Marketing Platform provides you with different options pertaining to platform security, have a look:

Security Option



SSO (Single Sign-On)

This requires engagement with our Support team and the client's IT team for a brief interchange.

  • We use SAML 2.0 protocol, which works with common authentication providers such as Auth0 and Okta.

Send an email for additional details.

IP Whitelisting

IP Whitelisting restricts all access to the ZMP unless the activity comes from a recognized IP.

  • The IPs should be submitted to our Support Team.

Introducing IP Whitelisting will restrict access from ALL unrecognized IPs to the platform. IP Whitelisting is applied to the UI, APIs, and FTPs tied to the ZMP.

Send an email for additional details.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

For users who want to ensure security in the case that their login credentials are compromised, multi-factor authentication prompts users to input a code that was sent to their device using common authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator.

Users can set up MFA from within the ZMP in their Profile under Settings.

Configurable Account Login Settings

For users to ensure login security and password protection. Please see the features below.

Login Inactivity Duration

  • The amount of time before users who have not logged in for this duration will be flagged as inactive. These users will need to contact an account admin to re-activate their login. Default: 90 days.

Password Reset Frequency

  • The amount of time between password resets. Once a password is expired, the user will be prompted to update their password when logging in. Default: 90 days.

Password History Lookback

  • This count indicates the number of passwords that will be retained to minimize password re-use. Default: 24 passwords..

Session Inactivity Timer

  • This count indicates the amount of time before a user is logged out of a current session. Default: 30 minutes.

Send an email for additional details.

Domain Restrictions

Client can place a domain restriction on any new user who is given access to the account.

Send an email for additional details.

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