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Security - IP Whitelisting

IP Whitelisting is currently enabled for the user interface, FTP, and API.

To turn IP Whitelisting on for your accounts, please coordinate with your account teams and supply the IPs that need to be whitelisted for each type (UI, FTP, API). Email here for access.

It's very important to ensure that the IPs for any live connections that are in place should also be accounted for if enabling IP Whitelisting for FTP and/or API.

⚠️ There’s a limitation within the AWS Transfer Family service when interfacing with Amazon S3 as AWS Transfer Family does not support using multiple connections for a single file transfer when the storage backend is Amazon S3. This limitation prevents the service from handling simultaneous data streams for the same file, leading to the mentioned error.

Plausible Solution: To successfully upload files to Amazon S3 using AWS Transfer Family, it is necessary to adjust the settings of your client software. Please ensure that any options or settings for using multiple connections for a single file transfer are disabled. This change should align the file transfer process with the capabilities of AWS Transfer Family, thereby avoiding errors and ensuring a smooth upload experience.

Refer to the Official Troubleshooting Guide.

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