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Re-Order your Navigation

“People see what they want to see when they need to” - Libba Bray

Everyone is familiar with their favorite platform’s navigation sidebar. Yes, the one that lists the apps on the left. More often than not, the listed items and the order in which they appear is predetermined. The apps which you hardly click on might be placed way above the ones you daily visit and use. We are not saying it’s a problem, but if given the option, wouldn’t you want to change that?

We figured your work area is more important than everything else on the platform. The Zeta Marketing Platform allows you to reorder the navigation menu as you’d want it to appear for your instance. This can be helpful if you’re using certain sections more than the others and want to move them toward the top of the sidebar. You can also disable the least frequently used items so they won’t appear in your navigation menu. Simply drag and drop the apps to the desired position and leave it there. Simple, ain’t it?

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