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Prospect Audiences

It’s no secret that most successful businesses today require a larger audience base and constantly thrive to improve their marketing and lead-generation strategies to increase their audience. A prospect customer that has expressed interest in you and what you offer is equally or at times more important to the success of your story than your existing customers are.

There are three types of prospect audiences that can be created and managed in the CDP Plus. These audiences are powered by Zeta Global’s proprietary data set:

  • Zeta Audiences

  • Matched List

  • Lookalike Audience

Note: The central hub for managing audiences is through the Segments and Lists summary page.

Zeta Audiences/Prospect Segment

Zeta Audiences are segments created by selecting/combining various attributes available from Zeta’s collection of proprietary audience data. These audience attributes are categorized into:

Data Category



The behavioral data category includes online digital audiences that demonstrate an intent to convert in various product categories.


The location data category includes audiences that have been observed to be physically within interesting points of interests. This location data provides scalable audiences via easy to select location categories.


The transaction data category includes audiences that have been observed to have completed a transaction within the listed categories allowing you to target users that have shown explicit interest in listed areas.


The financial data category includes audiences with attributes in various areas. These attributes are observed from credit data that have been permissioned and shared with Zeta.


Demographic data audiences group people by general population characteristics, such as age, gender, ethnicity or income.


Propensity audiences include consumers with various brand, product or service affinities


Psychographic audiences include consumers whose behaviors align with particular personalities, values and attitudes.

TV Engagement

TV engagement audiences include various types of television viewers and their levels of content consumption.

The steps for creating a Zeta Audience are the same as that of creating a prospect segment, the steps to which are:

1. From the menu on the left, select Audiences > Segments & Lists. Click on Explore Audience.


2. As the Audience Explorer opens up, select [Client] Data or Zeta Data and then choose the property(s) of your preference.

3. Once you’ve selected the property’s parameter, click on Save Audience and name the segment as per your choice.

2024-01-04_14-52-11 (1)-20240104-092435.gif

(tick) You can also check the membership of previously created prospect segments by navigating to Zeta Data > Prospect Segments > My Segments and selecting previously created Prospect Segments within the Audience Explorer.


Matched List

A matched list is a set of first-party individuals uploaded into the Zeta Marketing Platform, who are then matched to Zeta’s Data Cloud and further enriched with potential intender audience membership and other data points. This matched list can then be activated against Zeta’s omnichannel solutions or can be extended using our AI-driven lookalike modeling capabilities.

The steps for creating a matched list are:

1. Within the Audience Explorer, navigate to Zeta Data > Matched Lists > (plus) icon in the navigator.

2. You can upload the matched list from either of the following sources:

  • Upload a seed file:

    • Upload a CSV file from your local machine with the seed audience directly from the UI. This is the preferred and simplest approach.

    • You can simply drag and drop the source file from your local machine to create the matched list of choice.

  • Upload seed file to a remote SFTP server:

    • If your seed file is larger than the allotted file size, you can also use the remote SFTP server option to upload the seed audience

    • Generate your FTP folder and select the file you want to create the matched list of choice.

2024-01-04_15-04-15 (1)-20240104-093447.gif

To archive a Matched List, navigate to Segments & Lists. Locate the desired matched list, click on it, and select Status > Archive. Confirm the archiving process through the prompted popup.

Creating a New SFTP Location

When creating a New SFTP location for dropping the file to:

1. Enter the Audience Name and Description.

 2. Save the audience to generate a unique remote location

3. Copy the unique location and navigate to that folder on your favorite SFTP client (e.g. FileZilla, etc)

4. Upload the seed file to the specified location using the SFTP client. The dropped file will automatically get picked up and internally moved to the S3 location for processing.

Note: Once the file is picked up, the folder in your SFTP client will be empty

There are specific column header requirements to successfully match the seed audience to the Data Cloud. These requirements can be found here: File Requirements for Matched Lists or Lookalike Generation. Any additional fields not required for identity resolution are ignored.

5. Once the file is uploaded or added to the FTP Folder, click on Next.

6. If the Match list was uploaded successfully, its status on the Segments & Lists summary page will be set to Active.
7. Once the Audience is available, the user can:

  • Explore the Audience in the Audience Explorer

  • Save the audience for activation or reuse

  • Extend the audience using a lookalike model

Importing Custom Attributes (Advanced)

For certain advanced use cases, clients may wish to explore custom properties for a Matched List.

For example, an insurance client may wish to explore properties such as policy_expiration_date or a telecom provider may wish to explore properties such as ARPU.

Such use cases can be accomplished through Zeta’s solutions team. The general flow to onboard such data properties is as follows:

  • Upload the seed list as a match list as described above.

  • Upload the same seed list through the CRM-based user upload process. This step requires superuser access.

  • Once successfully uploaded, return to Audience Explorer. You should see a Properties section at the bottom of the Audience Explorer

  • Within Properties, explore custom properties and associated audience counts.

Note: We don’t ingest matched list records (matched or unmatched) into the ID graph for any purpose and only do look-ups. We do, however, save the original file and associate it with the matched list segment to allow clients to re-export and activate the users to the DSP anytime (without having to do another upload). This is because our identity graph is always growing so an export on one day may have different results later.

Matched Lists Insights

Matched List Insights provides detailed information about the matched audience including Match Rate, Addressability by Channel, Age, Income, Gender, and Geography. To view insights for a chosen Matched List, we can directly see the numbers on the Explore Audience launch page under the People tab:

This displays the relevant information from our Data Cloud about the selected matched audience.

  • Match Rate signifies the overall proportion of input records that found a matching record that’s addressable on one or more activation channels.

  • Addressability by Channel illustrates the proportion of input records that match up with a record in the Zeta Data Cloud and are reachable using our Email, Programmatic, Connected TV, and/or social channels.

  • The remaining visuals display the Demographics from the matched input records as they exist in our Data Cloud. These demographic illustrations include Geography, Gender, Age, and Income.


Lookalike Audience

A Lookalike Audience is an audience generated by the Zeta Marketing Platform based on a set of first-party individuals. This AI-generated audience represents a collection of people most similar to the seed audience across thousands of attributes known to Zeta’s Data Cloud.

“Who are the top prospects known to Zeta that are most similar to my seed audience so that I can achieve my goal of reaching X million prospects across channels?” If you are trying to answer this question, then ZMP’s Lookalike modeling capabilities can help.

1. Within the Audience Explorer, navigate to Zeta Data > Lookalike > (plus) icon in the navigator.

2. Fill in the details for your lookalike and click on Generate.

2024-01-04_15-09-46 (1)-20240104-094100.gif

3. If the Lookalike Audience was uploaded successfully, its status on the Segments & Lists summary page will be set to Active.

4. Once the Audience is available, the user can:

  • Explore the Audience from the Audience Explorer

  • Save the audience for reuse

  • Syndicate the audience Programmatic or ZXDS (Acquisition Email) for activation

To complete the LAL generation, you need to click on the segment, choose the desired level of Precision, and then click on Score Audience.

Learn about Exporting Audiences.

Export Mechanics

The export of any data cloud audience including matched lists/ lookalike and any other prospect segment exports a comprehensive set of connected email_md5s available on the profiles. This may result in the exported number of email_md5 being larger than the number of user profiles in a matched list.

This number should match the email count displayed on the audience insight panel of the Matched list.

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