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People Properties

People (or customer) Properties are data points stored at the person level and can be used to personalize or segment your audience. People Properties have several different data types and can be created in different ways.

Creating properties

Method 1

The first method for creating properties is to simply import a person-level file as a user or list upload and new properties will be created automatically based on your file header. ZMP will automatically assign data types to these properties based on the data contained within

Method 2

The second method for creating properties is to navigate to the Settings menu, given the correct permissions, where you will find Audiences > Customer Properties in the left-hand navigation. From here, you may edit existing properties or create new ones.

When creating a new property you must give it a distinct name, but do note that once named, properties cannot be renamed or deleted.

Options Available While Creating Properties

There are several configuration options available when creating a property:



Property Name (required)

This will be the property name, visible in several locations throughout ZMP, note that names cannot contain spaces and cannot be changed

Display Name

An optional display name which can be viewed within the customer profile screen


An optional description of the property which can be used to help indicate what a property contains and can also be seen within the customer profile

Property Type (required)

The type of data you wish to store, you can view the options and how they interact with audiences here

Map to Zeta Property

An optional step to map your data to a Zeta Standard property, which can enable additional functionality in your account, such as targeting Zip Codes

Event/Behavior Values

This will allow you to update a property based on an event or behavior set up in your account

If you’re parsing the information as an event attribute, the property will not be listed under user data. Instead, it will be listed as an event.

The "Default Value" in People Properties serves solely for segmentation when the property is assigned a "null" value. If users are imported with a "null" value for the property, the Default Value won't be visible under the user profile.

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