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Omnichannel Media Mix Tools

As the marketing world keeps moving at the speed of light, it’s paramount for every marketer to keep up with the changes and maintain a sense of relevance with their audience. Choosing channels suitable for certain audiences might be the only key to reaching the target audience with information of their interest or need. While that’s not easy to achieve all the time, media mixes encompass all the possible ways a product reaches its chosen audience(s)—or people.

Today, many brands use a media mix or a combination of communication methods to reach their desired audiences. Media mix modeling can further help predict how media will perform based on previous activity and other factors like seasonality. To that end, Zeta has a comprehensive collection of Omni Channel Media Mix Tools to empower businesses to forecast and optimize their marketing efforts across multiple channels, including email, programmatic, CTV, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many more. Let’s quickly take a look at Zeta’s suite of media mix tools:

Scenario Analysis Tool

Unleash Your Creative Control

Ever wished you could test the impact of adjusting your spend across different channels? With our powerful scenario analysis tool, you can now take control of your marketing strategy. Easily fine-tune your channel-specific budget allocations and witness the forecasted outcomes in real time.

Optimized Spend Tool

Let AI Revolutionize Your Budget Allocation

Say hello to our fully automated Optimized Spend tool, powered by our proprietary Zeta AI. This cutting-edge technology leverages the concept of diminishing returns to allocate your budget in the most effective way possible. By harnessing the power of advanced algorithms, it maximizes your return on investment across channels.

Margin Spend Optimizer Tool

Elevate Your ROI with Surgical Precision 

Our margin spend optimizer tool targets a subset of your budget, carefully selecting areas that have already been optimized through prior tools, allocated for A/B testing, or identified as net new spend opportunities. With surgical precision, this tool ensures every dollar is utilized efficiently, magnifying your margins and delivering exceptional results. 

Zeta’s collection of Omni Channel Media Mix Tools is designed to unify and clarify your brand's omnichannel strategy. Gone are the days of fragmented campaigns and scattered investments. You can now experience the unification of brands' omnichannel strategy!

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