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The Zeta Marketing Platform generates email-based notifications for many different functions that are performed manually and automatically as they occur. In fact, these notifications are generated by our own account in ZMP based on events.

Notifications are sent from

Below is a list of all the notification subject line prefixes you can use to create inbox rules:

Notification Prefix Naming Conventions:

Files: User + Event
File <name> has been successfully imported.
File <name> has been imported with errors.

Scheduled: <campaign name>
Pre send processing: <campaign name>
Sending: <campaign name>
Sent: <campaign name>
Variation test sending: <campaign name>
Variation test sent: <campaign name>
Variation test winner sending: <campaign name>
Campaign AB Test Results: <campaign name>
Sent with warnings: <campaign name>

Experience Activated: <Experience name>
Experience Deactivated: <Experience name

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