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Location Intelligence


For businesses with multiple physical locations, understanding the customer base's geographical dynamics and competitors' influence is critical to maintaining an advantage.

Location Intelligence is a tool within the ZMP Opportunity Explorer that brings together customer, prospect, and competitor data to enable brands to identify under-served markets, optimize pricing strategies, and precisely tailor their campaigns to drive growth and customer engagement.

From the Opportunities page, navigate to the Location Intelligence tab under Customer Insights.


You can use the map on the left to uncover the following insights:


Distance to Store Report

This intuitive map-based report allows you to easily identify areas with fewer competitors and a higher concentration of potential customers.

  • Color represents the number of competitor stores in the range while the bubble size represents the number of customers or prospects.

You can filter the distance to store report using the following metrics:

  • Customer Distance to Store

  • Prospect Distance to Store


Competitive Proximity Index

The Competitive Proximity Index measures the percentage of individuals in a designated market area (DMA) who are in closer proximity to a competitor's store compared to your own stores.

  • The higher the score, the closer your customers are to your competitors.

  • Color represents competitive intensity while the bubble size represents the number of customers.


Granular Table Views

Accompanying table views provide detailed data by zip code, including the distance to the nearest competitor, competitive intensity, and how many customers and prospects are present in a given area.

  • Users can filter by location, state, DMA, city, or zip code to get a granular view of their various markets.

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