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KPI Overview

The KPI Overview allows for a quick glance at recent sending with a focus on recent variations in email performance. The ability to view Unique impressions can help marketers understand the number of unique individuals who have interacted with the marketing program.

Key Performance Indicators are presented as Unique and Totals for the current week or month:

Unique vs. Total

You can switch between Unique vs. Total metrics over the recent weeks or months in the left-side navigation.

Unique Metrics

Total Metrics

Unique metrics show unique metrics per subscriber over the given period

Total metrics show the metrics regardless of the number of times a user was sent, opened or clicked





The number of emails sent by Zeta.

Delivered %

The percentage of emails that did not bounce over Sent.

Open %

The percentage of emails that were opened over Delivered.

Click %

The percentage of emails that were clicked over Delivered.

Click-to-Open %

The percentage of emails that were clicked over Opens.

Unsubscribe %

The percentage of emails that let to an unsubscribe over Delivered.

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