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How do I use the Opportunities dashboard?


The Opportunities dashboard highlights specific data and insights that customers can use in omnichannel marketing efforts. This article focuses on navigating the different areas of the dashboard which help marketers acquire new prospects, retain existing customers, grow lifetime value, and find lookalike audiences.

The left navigation menu contains the Opportunities option which when selected, displays the Opportunities dashboard. This dashboard enables marketers to make sense of the marketplace and provides insights to inform effective acquisition strategies.

View the Opportunities Dashboard

The Opportunities dashboard is broken up into different areas. Along the top of the Opportunities dashboard there is a high-level overview of the data cloud’s current scope of reach in the US. This is broken out by individuals and households. To the right are the channels those individuals or households can be reached through and the available size of reach for each channel.

View the Opportunities Data Cloud’s Scope of Reach

  • View the data cloud’s current scope of reach in the US.

View the Channels

  • View the available channels.

View the Market-level and Customer-level Frames of Insights

  • To find opportunities, there are 2 frames of insight: market and customer to guide a client’s marketing efforts. View the market-level and customer-level frames of insights.

Market-Level Insights

Customer-Level Insights

Market level insights are provided without any client’s 1st party data and are used to display macro level trends across products and competitors to identify the best point in time to engage with consumers. Each report starts with a specific context in mind and will display information from that context. These report can be used to find new prospecting opportunities or applied to your existing campaigns.

Customer opportunities take the market insights to the next level by applying these insights to your customer lists. To uncover customer level insights, a pixel is placed on client’s website or CRM data is needed. Customer insights enrich a client’s 1st party data with Zeta’s massive proprietary data set to gain deeper insight into a client’s customers. This insight can be used to generate matched audiences in which a client’s 1st party data is matched back up to the data cloud as well as for lookalike audiences which can be used to help a client find new customers that demonstrate similar characteristics as their best customers.

The table below lists the Opportunity Explorer features, what insights they provide, and how they can help uncover your most impactful marketing opportunities.

Opportunity Explorer Report


Use Case

Market-level Insights (provided without any customer data)

Discussion Index by Vertical (ZDI)

Helps pinpoint trends for products, lines of business and features related to your brand, providing creative direction, campaign penetration measurement and benchmarks against competitors.

Marketers use ZDI to pinpoint trends for products, lines of business and features related to their brand and acquire new customers.

Used to help identify topics at the brand level that resonate with different consumers.

Discussion Index by Brand (ZDI)

Track the change in popularity of topics, keys trends - trending upward and downward.

Used to help create new campaigns with customer interests associated with your brand.

Competitor Tracker

Delivers industry and brand-level analysis on consumer loyalty.

The brand level competitor tracker helps identify the level of loyalty of the brand’s customers and retention opportunities of those existing customers considering competitors.


This report provides an overview of the purchase intent and visitation of audience members in the Zeta Data Cloud for your brand as well as competitor brands​.

Use to help find in-market audiences that are prime for conquesting.


Provides real-time visualization of broad-based, geographic, and vertical-level consumer trends based on Zeta proprietary data to identify market opportunities.

Provides insights to determine budgetary, targeting and other decisions.

Shows marketing opportunities based on evolving interests, demographics, behavioral signals, and brand affinities, including customized competitor overlays.

Used to help discover marketing opportunities based on evolving interests, behavioral signals, and brand affinities. Identify key macro economic and vertical trends to market with confidence with the MarketPulse.


Audience Pulse - Online Trends

This report displays

  • daily audience trends, normalized against the total content consumption signals

  • and weekly/monthly audience trends average count of customer visits and the percentage shown is the increase or decrease week-over-week.

Used to help identify ways to stay relevant with the latest online trends by tracking interests over time.

AudiencePulse - Visitation Trends

Displays a daily trend of visits to the brand, normalized against the total customer visits recorded each day.

Displays DMA trends summary of week-over-week changes of count of customer visits by a specific week over the previous week.

Used to compare visitation trends of a client’s brand vs competitors and helps find the DMAs that matter.

Audience Tracker

Realize target customers based on signals for category expansion.

Provides a deep dive into behavioral data; audience interests, audience size, and specific industries.


Used to understand the size and scale of Data Cloud audiences and a deeper dive into their interests, demographics, website visits, brand affinity of behavioral data and more.

Key Opportunity Summary

Action cards?

Used to view top recommended actions you can take today based on opportunities we've observed.

People Pulse

Provides an overview of the identity, behavior and interests of random audience members of Zeta Data Cloud.

Used to help understand the identity, behavior and interests of members of Zeta Data Cloud.

National Holidays

Ex: Cheesesteak Day

This calendar provides insights into yearly US holidays, observances and events, with the addressable audience within Zeta's Network.

Used to build marketing efforts around audiences with specific interests based off the detailed list of US holidays, observances and events for the year.

Consumer-level Insights (Pixel placed on website)

Insight Report

Identifies opportunities with breakdowns of demographic, behavioral, transactional and location indices.

Provides actionable insights that can be activated across channels. 

Missed Site Visitors/Prospects

Used to identify solutions such as, which audiences to target, which channels to engage customers in, the type of content to deliver, and the audience reach.


With CustomerPulse, you can seamlessly translate knowledge into action by defining custom segments, choosing up to four segments to compare and selecting relevant attributes for immediate audience creation and activation across channels. This reports provides a deep dive into coverage, acquisition, retention, growth and reactivation use cases, leveraging the Data Cloud's online, transactional and location-based datasets.​

Used to identify solutions to use cases that drive high value business outcomes.


Tracks activity on your website in real-time.

Enables rich, personalized targeting across other channels.

Missed Transactions

Helps identify anonymous consumers and their behavior and remarket to them with more confidence through real time scoring. 

DMA Pulse

This optimization features provides actionable insight on a brand’s geographies that are currently underinvested and overinvested due to emerging growth and risk dynamics. Clients want to understand how their stores are performing - should they open new stores or close some in certain areas?

Used to maximize media opportunity by discovering geographies where a client is currently under-investing and over-investing.

Used to display what performance data looks like compared to others in the same location by area or zip code.

Post Campaign Reports

These reports provide a deep dive analysis into campaign performance metrics. Key insights are on profile, behavioral, and transactional data.

Used to help identify areas of growth - opportunities
to grow lifetime value and increase brand affinity.

Quarterly Insight Report

This report helps to review and identify learnings for future campaign optimizations.

Provides a quarterly snapshot of a combination of various marketing opportunities to help prepare and optimize on future marketing efforts.

Trends Tableau

Used to view daily, weekly and monthly visitation trends.

Tip: Pulses are opportunity-driven audience segments generated as Action Cards within the Opportunity Explorer interface​.

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