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High Priority Messaging

While email marketers are on the never-ending run to get noticed, all they want to ensure is that the email address provided by the leads or customers during registration is an attentive mailbox. To find out, the marketers can simply deliver a personalized email right away with a verification link, a delay in which can howsoever lead to drop-off translating into lost customers and revenue.

Putting an end to these woes for one and all, Zeta has augmented its existing event-triggered messaging pipeline to support such instantaneous messaging requirements. ZMP’s prudent feature of High-Priority Messaging is driven by a message-first approach and enables synchronous-like and sub-second delivery of messages. This blazing-fast personalized messaging is custom-built for enterprise-grade transactions.

How does High Priority Messaging work?

ZMP’s High Priority Messaging (HPM) system can deliver messages with the following SLA for Time-to-Inbox:

  • 99% in 5 seconds

  • 99.9% in 10 seconds

  • 100% in 30 seconds

Besides the sub-second message delivery system, there is a reporting system in place that allows the user to look into the historical performance of SLA. Additionally, there is a monitoring system that proactively detects and alerts SLA breaches.

Reach out to the Support team to get the HPM feature enabled for your instance.

The system prioritizes the execution of real-time campaigns upon the occurrence of the binding event before pushing them into the regular event pipeline

How to Enable High Priority Messaging?

Campaign Managers can see High Priority Messaging as an option when creating a new Experience Campaign and can also select one of the events as a trigger for it. Once High Priority Messaging is selected, the subsequent action is limited to defining the high priority campaign, post defining which the campaign manager has access to all usual nodes and actions within the experience to further continue defining the journey. By initiating an experience campaign as a High Priority campaign, campaign managers ensure that messages triggered from the first campaign are delivered almost instantaneously.

The high priority feature can be enabled through a feature flag labelled as High Priority Messaging, under the Features section of Account Setup

A campaign is considered a high priority campaign only if it is based on a direct event and not a behavior. Behavior-driven campaigns are not supported in high priority and need to be translated into a direct event-driven campaign. High priority campaigns further cannot be events filtered for properties. For example, ‘Did register where type=web needs to be resolved by the requester and posted as a direct event: ‘Did web register'.

High Priority campaigns support content personalization through profile and event data only. Use of resource recommendations, external feeds, and more are not supported for SLA through the high priority messaging pipeline. While HPM is not supported for bulk upload of events, only the events posted through .Net APIs are supported for high priority triggers.

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