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FAQs (Data)


“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” - Eugene Jonesco

With the aim to respond to your needs more quickly and appropriately, we have jotted down the most frequently asked questions about Zeta Data.



Can we re-map email MD5?

Yes, but requires some pre-work to enable the field.

  1. Create a file and load to ZMP using the email_md5_id column - this should be imported as-is, i.e. do not create a new mapping for this field

  2. The file should contain email_md5_id and user_id and at least one valid row. the contents can be a sample row which can be deleted later on (see: Delete a Person if you need to delete the record)

  3. Once the file is loaded, you should now be able to select email_md5_id to be remapped

Do we support single and double quotes as text qualifiers?

  • Double quotes (") SUPPORTED

  • Single quotes (') NOT SUPPORTED

Are all properties represented?

Yes, implicit and existing people properties will be represented in the drop down list

Can we change a data type from this mapping?

No. but the standard rules apply for imports, i.e. we will infer the data type of a new field or abide by existing data types where possible

Can we map into contacts, e.g. “email” to “contact value”

Not at this time, but have added this to the feedback list above

Can we map to objects?

Yes, from column to individual object property but not from object to object or object to property.

Keep in mind that we’d update the whole object even if only one element is included, so there is potential to nullify data

How should we handle cases where both user_id and email are present in the file?

Currently, we only support mapping into uid so the recommendation would be to NOT map those fields - in cases where those are not named correctly and both present, we will unfortunately not support imports via both at this time

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