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FAQs (Audience)

“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” - Eugene Jonesco

With the aim to respond to your needs more quickly and appropriately, we have jotted down the most frequently asked questions about Zeta Audiences.



What is the difference between other segment and query-based segments, and are there any expected limitations of the two?

Generating a lookalike or constructing a list isn't practical with a query-based or external database segment because these segments are dynamic and formed in real time according to particular queries or conditions. Conversely, other segments are built using predefined criteria or attributes, such as demographic details (age, gender, location) or behavioral data (purchase history, website engagement), which remain constant once established until they are manually adjusted. Unlike regular segments, which are static, the conditions of query-based segments or external database segments might encompass intricate combinations of data attributes, interactions, or events.

The count estimator for my campaign displayed there were a significant number of records that fell under "Other Reasons". What are 'other reasons' for an unsubscribed user being skipped from a campaign?  

“Other Reasons” would generally be more explicit and implicit unsubscribes not based on deliverability. These would include unsubs from email links, unsubs from preference centers, spam complaints, response unsubs where people have replied to a campaign, or maybe manual unsubs where someone logged into the platform and marked an individual as unsubscribed, imported them, or used the API to unsubscribe the person.

Is there an easy way to unsubscribe a large group of people?

Use the built in "Contact Unsubscriber" tool. Note that this requires the user to have Super User access to the instance in question. To use this option, go to Settings > Audiences > Data Tools > Contact Unsubscriber. From there, drag and drop a CSV file with just a "contact_value" header and a list of contact addresses to be unsubscribed. 

When we configure the Inbound Message Handler (IMH) to NOT process unsubscribes, we have the option to pass the unsub request onto a configured address. How do we record the response in this case?

In case of forward_all_replies being false, we don’t forward the response. Still processing the unsub request, we unsubscribe the user and also generate the unsub event.

What is the concept of Net People?

If there is an audience/segment filter,
Net people = Number of users who entered/exited a specific segment.

But if we removed the audience/segment filter,
Net people = Number of users who entered/exited all the segments on the entire account.

While creating a few segments, I had turned the auto archive option on. Why have those segments not been archived yet and are showing the status as Active?

Your segment(s) might be used in a Draft campaign, hence were not archived on the mentioned date. A segment gets archived only when it's not being used elsewhere within the platform.

Are unsubscribe clicks counted within unique click counts?

Clicks on unsubscribe links are counted as a unique click. This is because when we click on the unsubscribe link, it reflects an unsubscribe event as well as generates a click event. So, both events are reflected in reporting and counted as a click and as an unsubscribe.

Why does my customer segment show the status “sent”, but hasn’t been delivered yet?

After a segment is done processing, the system takes up to 20 minutes for the audience to be updated in the backend.

While exporting some segments, why am I noticing some new columns for “zync_cookie” and “email_md5_id” included in my exports?

New fields being included automatically in exports were part of a platform update, and it was intentional. The new fields are “zync_cookie” and “email_md5_id”.

My customer has tried to unsubscribe from the email list by clicking on the email unsubscribe link found in their campaigns. Why is it not working?

There are two steps for a user opting to unsubscribe through the Unsub link:

  • Select the Unsub link in the email, then Confirm the email,


  • Submit the step in the subsequent web page

Only then will the user be unsubscribed from the platform.

Is it possible to change the Snowflake Share timezone from UTC to Eastern time?

We are unable to modify the time zone for Snowflake Share.

Can we share segments via the team-based sharing feature from Experiences or Campaigns?

Not currently. In the team-based sharing access, you can’t share or restrict access.

How can you tell if a segment has campaigns linked to it?

You can manually check your campaigns or use a clear naming convention to filter those with segment links. For alternatives, reach out to Support for assistance.

What is the default segment on the dashboard?

The segment name is ‘active’ and it includes all customers who were last seen or whose last contact was within the last 120 days.

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