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FAQs (Analytics)

“It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” - Eugene Jonesco

With the aim to respond to your needs more quickly and appropriately, we have jotted down the most frequently asked questions about Zeta Analytics.

Report Builder



Does reporting in the report builder include clicks on the Unsubscribe link?

Clicks on unsubscribe links are considered unique clicks. This is due to the fact that when a click on the unsubscribe link occurs, it simultaneously registers both an unsubscribe event and a click event. As a result, both events are reflected in the reporting, counted as a click and an unsubscribe.

Why does the reporting show 'N/A' for 'Sender Domain'?

'N/A' shows under 'Sender Domain' for 'Channel Name' Webhook and SMS campaigns. Data for 'Sender Domains' will only be available when the campaign's 'Channel Name' is Email.

In report builder how many days after an email is sent are we updating stats?

Reporting should start getting updated 15 minutes after the campaign is sent and the campaign stats will get refreshed until it is 35 days in the past. Campaigns sent within the past 7days get updated within 15-30 minutes and older campaigns get updated every 6 hours.

Is the click on an unsubscribe link included in the metric Unique Clicks in Report Builder?

The method in which the person unsubscribes determines whether the unsubscribe is counted as a click or not. If the person clicks on a link and then unsubscribe, it is counted as a click and unsubscribe. However, if person unsubscribes by some other means it is not counted as a click, but only as an unsubscribe.

If the 'External campaign codes' option isn't enabled within the campaign, will I still be able to access data when I utilize it as a parameter in the reporting?

Data within the report builder is gathered progressively. Therefore, you'll only observe data after activating this option.

Why do I see volume discrepancies/differences between counts in the report builder and volume report?

Ensure the account mapping is done correctly to make sure the counts match as expected.

Can I delete an automated Zeta report?

Yes, you can cancel/delete the report by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the selected report. Then you find an option to delete the report.

Why does my email sends volume in report builder and the email sends volume under accounts in ZMP, not match?

After the campaign is sent, it is recommended to allow a time period of approximately 24 hours for the reporting areas to display the accurate count. This delay is necessary to ensure that all relevant data is processed and reflected correctly in the reporting metrics.

By waiting for this timeframe, you can expect the reporting areas to provide an up-to-date and accurate representation of the campaign's performance.

How long is my data stored in ZMP for me to be able to view it in Report Builder?

It depends on the Report Type. For example, we do not have any plans to remove data for Customer Marketing, Prospect Marketing, Website - In Page, or Customer Data Management Report Types. Programmatic data retention policies are set based on the data types. For example, aggregated data is kept for 3 years and hourly data is stored for 60 days.

Can you explain the data availability and refresh rates in Report Builder?

Zeta uses both Real-Time and Batch processes where the Real-Time process provides near real time (hourly) analytic feed and the Batch process provides (re)computation of stable analytic feed at the end of the day. These processes allow us to deduplicate campaign data each day to ensure accuracy and reconcile irregularities.

Some email data are available in real-time while the rest is available via a batch process. Metrics and dimensions that use the batch process will show N/A until the process is complete. More details on the batch process are as follows:

Consider the dimension Campaign Send Date & Time as X,

For ~(X + 6) hours, we show real-time stats for the following metrics and dimensions:

Dimensions: Account Name, Campaign Name, Campaign ID, Version Campaign ID, Version Campaign Name, Creative Name, Campaign Occurrence Index, Version Campaign Occurrence Index, Send Date, Send Hour, Send Month, Send Year, and Send Quarter.

Metrics: Sent, Delivered, Opens, Total Opens, Clicks, Total Clicks, Soft Bounced, and Unsubscribes.

For all other metrics and dimensions the batch processing works the following way.

Data of X - X-1 days will get processed every ~4 hours.

Data of X-2- X-7 days will get processed every ~8 hours.

Data of X-8 - X-33 days will get processed every 2 days once.

Programmatic data for the previous day is considered stable at 6pm EST on any given day. As such, data from 8/31 would not be considered accurate until 6pm EST on 9/1. An artifact of this process is that yesterday's Impressions, Clicks, Spend, etc., may appear to drop after 6pm EST. The size of this drop will vary from day to day, and campaign to campaign. This change in numbers is an expected behavior of Zeta DSP.
Please note that this process of ongoing reconciliation is also done over a rolling 30 days, so small fluctuations in the data may occur even after the data is considered stable. The fluctuations are not expected to exceed a 1-3% change in either direction.

Causes for the irregularities in data we receive include:

Zeta DSP won the ad, and then the ad didn't completely deliver due to slow ad loading on the user's end.

User moved off the page where the ad was delivered before any pixels could fire.

Changes in the data supplied to us by advertisers and publishers due to their own data deduplication process.

Is there a limit to the number of recipients for a report export in the Report Builder?

Yes, the limit is 100.

If we send an automated report from ZMP to someone without a login, can they still access it?

When an Automated report runs, it will send an email with a link to download the report. The link to download (or csv attachment) the report can be accessed by anyone who gets the email and doesn’t need to have access to ZMP. The report will be compressed as a .zip file and will need to be extracted in order to be viewed.

What time zone is my data in?

All data is captured in UTC (00:00) and converted the the time zone set for the account. For attribution lookback windows or a campaign that has hard start and end dates, time zone differences would have minor impact on reporting.

For example, if a conversion came in at 3am UTC then switching the account time zone from UTC to ETC would show that conversion coming in at 10pm EST the day prior.

I am seeing 100% or 0% Open Rate for Device Types. Is this accurate? 

Yes, it is! We derive Device Type data from Opens and Clicks. Meaning that if we know the device type at all, it means there was an open, and therefore it would reflect 100% for Opens on that device.

I enabled reporting for my audience, but not tracking. What does that mean and how does that work?

By enabling reporting, but not tracking for any audience, this means:  

  1. You have enabled the function that allows audience reporting without turning tracking on

  2. This audience will not generate any events

  3. Zeta will run the audience count once per day 

This will simultaneously help Zeta to be more efficient by only tracking selected audiences and allow for more in-depth and flexible audience reporting.

I enabled reporting for my audience, but not tracking. What does that mean and how does that work?

By enabling reporting, but not tracking for any audience, this means:  

  1. You have enabled the function that allows audience reporting without turning tracking on

  2. This audience will not generate any events

  3. Zeta will run the audience count once per day 

This will simultaneously help Zeta to be more efficient by only tracking selected audiences and allow for more in-depth and flexible audience reporting.

There's a metric or dimension listed here that I don't see in ZMP. How can I get access to it?

Reach out to your Zeta Account team. They can help navigate the steps to get access or explain why it isn’t showing up in the ZMP for you.

When a conversion is tied to the campaign, can you confirm if ZMP is using the last clicked campaign before the event?

Yes, ZMP uses the last clicked campaign before the event.

Can you confirm if the conversion event can only tie to one campaign in the look-back window?

Yes, it is tied to one campaign.

What is the CRM attribution model and attribution lookback window?

The CRM attribution model is Last Click attribution and the attribution lookback window is 30 days.

Opportunity Window



What happens to the Opportunity Window insights if an user exists in 3 out of the 4 selected segments?

Duplicate users will be removed before the selected segments are analyzed as a whole.

Where will the Opportunity Window be next in ZMP?

Great question! The Opportunity Window will be released to additional pages in ZMP over the coming months. Additionally, you can expect the Opportunity Window to be available in other Zeta platforms as well.

What segments and lists work in the Opportunity Window?

Prospect List and Customer List are not supported because they are just static list of users (mostly email_md5s) uploaded to the platform. They are not matched against Data Cloud data in order to fetch the demographic details.

Successful Lookalike and Matched Lists segment types are supported as they are matched against Data Cloud data and have demographic information on those segments.

All Prospect Segments are supported as they always include a Prospect filter

Customer Segments are supported only when a Prospect filter is included, otherwise not.

Attribution Insights



How can I begin using the Attribution Insights tool?

A great place to start is with your Zeta Account team or Zeta Support! They are experts in our products, marketing solutions, and can help facilitate the setup of your data in our attribution system.

Click here to access the Zeta Marketing Platform Service Desk.

What channels are available for analysis in Attribution Insights?

Currently, Attribution Insights supports Customer Marketing Email, Customer Marketing SMS, and Programmatic data. We are building out new channel and data integrations that will be released later this year.

Do I need to be using all channels to use this tool?

No. The Attribution tool will only surface data for the channels and sub-channels you are already utilizing.

Does I need any specific tags implemented on my site in order to generate this in-depth attribution analysis?

While site tags will enhance the insights ZMP can deliver, they are not necessary for the new Attribution tool at this time. We are working to include website activity in the top customer experiences and setting up Zeta tags on your website will be essential to viewing that data in Attribution Insights.

Is there a true-up window based on the data cloud/id graph constantly updating?

The daily feedback data standardization process uses the latest snapshot of the ID Graph available at that time. We don't update past data when the ID Graph changes.

Zeta Insights



Are there any known discrepancies between ZMP Reports and Zeta Insights?

ZMP reporting does not include any seed recipients or proof sends in its reporting.

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