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Dynamic Email Senders

While long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all messaging, this era is witnessing people’s demand to be seen as individuals. Being able to do that with hundreds of people might seem overwhelming to many, but most modern marketers have stepped up their game by striving to leverage personalization in emails that feel like they’re custom-made for the individual.

The Zeta Marketing Platform completely supports your need and will to personalize messages and create one-to-one experiences with your customers. To ensure that every aspect of the message can be personalized, we are introducing the Dynamic Email Senders feature for Campaigns and Experiences.

With this new feature, the user can add logic within the campaign giving you the ability to control your From Name/Address and Reply-To Name/Address within the Campaign or Experience itself, rather than in the account settings.

When you click on the < > icon next to the From field, a menu will slide in from the right side of the window for you to dynamically generate senders' email addresses.

In the same way, as you dynamically set your subject lines and other message components, using the Zeta Markup Language, you can use the logic reading from:

  • Properties

  • Events

  • Files

  • Feeds

  • Resources

To ensure that all the messages have a sender, you must also select a default for the From Name and From Address in case the logic results in an empty value or an unconfirmed From Address.

Auto-Forward Settings

The Auto-Forward Setting will override the account-level settings if you toggle the Use default account settings switch off.

After toggling off the Use default account settings switch, you will be enabled with the following options:

Default: This dropdown can be used to select an existing address in your account and is a required selection. The default selection is only used if the address or logic submitted in the following box is not valid.

Add Dynamic Logic: This box will allow you to enter a specific address or input logic to dynamically populate the forwarding address. Some examples of valid inputs:

  • static address:

  • dynamic logic, e.g. replies based on the recipient’s location from the user profile: {% if address.state == ‘New York’ %}{% else %}{% endif %}

  • property on the user profile, e.g. agent email address: {{agent_address}}

  • snippets: {% snippet name: ‘snippet123’ %}

Forward Unsubscribe Replies: This will forward replies classified as Unsubscribes. This checkbox is toggled off by default.

Forward Change of Address replies: This will forward replies classified as Change of Address. This checkbox is toggled off by default.

Messages not classified as Change of Address or Unsubscribes will always be forwarded.

For additional information on dynamically setting up your email senders, feel free to reach out to the ZMP Support Team.

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