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The CompetitorPulse provides an overview of the purchase intent and visitation of audience members in the Zeta Data Cloud for your brand​. The CompetitorPulse provides market insights that deliver industry and brand-level transaction patterns across brands. These insights help identify consumer loyalty, shopping behaviors, physical visits, in-market consumers, and competitors. The industry audience and brand audience insights help marketers identify in-market intenders, conquest prospects from competitors, and retain existing customers.

From the Opportunities page, navigate to the CompetitorPulse tab under Market insights.

Industry Audience Insights

Within the Industry Audience Insights, scroll down to the Customer Visits by Brand subsection to select an audience/brand you want to activate via the Audience Explorer.

Brand Audience Insights

Navigate to the Brand Audience Insights tab and click on an audience/brand you want to activate via the Audience Explorer in order to view the competitor(s) of the selected audience brand.

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