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“Say something positive, and you’ll see something positive” - Jim Thompson

Sometimes when we think about the future or just tomorrow, we find ourselves lost in pessimistic visions that create nothing but unnecessary fear and worry within us. Besides its multidimensional platform and technology, Zeta has always focused on the positivity of our individuals and the ones coming in contact with our products.

In a world where it doesn’t take time for pessimistic thoughts to reach one’s mind under any situation, we could sure use some positivity. What would happen if all of us ensured each person we encounter has a good day? What would our world look like if we started spreading positivity wherever we go, however we can? The only sure way to find out was to do it, and here’s Zeta’s take on it.

With the aspiration of adding some tinge of positivity to the day of a user, Zeta has launched its first chatbot, ChatBotZeta.

About ChatBotZeta

This product combines Zeta’s proprietary AI and data assets with the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT. It reads and synthesizes trillions of consumer signals from our Data Cloud with generative AI to produce conversational attributes and descriptions of individuals.   ​

ChatBotZeta is a part of Zeta’s long-standing commitment to embedding data-driven intelligence into the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP). Our goal is to ultimately improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness for enterprise brands by producing more personalized consumer experiences and impacting their growth.  

Using ChatBotZeta

1. Navigate to

2. Enter your Name and Email Address.

3. Our generative AI application will then uncover attributes, behaviors, preferences, and more in the form of personalized descriptions.

4. Based on the data gathered, the chatbot can introduce you, or write you a haiku or poem depending on what you choose.

5. Once ChatBotZeta has provided you with what you chose, you can choose another option from the list by clicking on Let’s do it again.

If you’ve tested out our ChatBotZeta, do not forget to share your feedback here. ​ChatBotZeta will hope to see you again!

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