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Campaign Panel

Campaign information can be easily viewed through the side panel. To access the same, just click on the row of a campaign and the side panel will open.

There are five default tabs in the side panel, and six if campaign sharing is enabled on the account.


Description and Details


This contains high level information and progress status of the campaign.


This contains launch information of the campaign


This contains all the tags in the campaign. Tags can also be added or deleted in this tab.


This contains all the audience included on each of the versions in a campaign. Excluded audience, Control Groups, and Seed Recipients are not shown in this tab.


This contains the following campaign trends:

  • Sent - shows the sent counts

  • Delivered - shows the delivered counts and delivery rate computed as delivered count divided by sent count (times 100 percent)

  • Opened - shows the open counts and open rate computed as opens divided by delivered count (times 100 percent)

  • Clicked - shows the click counts and click rate computed as clicks divided by delivered count (times 100 percent)

  • Click to Open - shows the click to open rate computed as clicks divided by opens (times 100 percent)

  • Unsubscribe - shows the unsubscribe counts and unsubscribe rate computed as unsubscribe count divided by delivered count (times 100 percent)

  • Spam Reports - shows the spam report counts and spam report rate computed as spam report count divided by delivered count (times 100 percent)


This contains the users and teams whom the user could share the campaign. Refer the the Selective Access feature for more details on this.

File History

This contains the progress and file history of file-based campaigns.

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