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Beta Programs

We want you to be able to read about the beta programs of the Zeta Marketing Platform, which are yet to be considered "complete" and are still not ready for general use due to a lack of testing "in the wild."

The newer and more experimental features might be in the beta stage as they’re still undergoing development, their bugs need to be identified and thus fixed, or if they require end-user feedback. In this stage, you’re likely to find more inconsistencies and hiccups in the functionalities than you would if it were out of beta. Let’s have a brief look at the features released under our Beta program:

Feature Name

Brief Description

More Info


Audience Explorer (unified view)

  • Unifies the Audience Explorer and Segment creation workflow into one streamlined user interface.

  • Enables marketers with the ability to enrich first party segments with filters from the Zeta Data Cloud.

Audience Explorer Change Guide

Duration of Beta: 60 days

Full Availability:

Experience Builder Templates

  • Prebuilt workflows based on common scenarios that you can use to headstart on customizing campaigns.

  • Preview and learn more about the experience before selecting it as a base.

Duration of Beta: Jan 16, '22 - Apr 14, '22

Full Availability:

Email Subject Line

  • Provides insightful optimization guidance while you’re creating a new or editing an existing campaign.

  • See actual predicted performance changes before you even click send!

  • Tweak your subject line copy based on the predictions and run A/B tests to validate those optimizations.

Duration of Beta: March '22 - June '22

Full Availability:

Unified Connectivity Framework: Phase 1

  • We have added a new unified view of all your incoming and outgoing data flows to/from the Zeta Marketing Platform.

  • See the types of sources and vendors you are ingesting data from as well as the channels and locations where your data is ultimately activated.

  • Visualize inbound Data Flows, Data Mappings and Zeta APIs.

  • Visualize outbound Data Flows, 3rd party ad accounts, Channel Manager and Zeta Native channels.

Duration of Beta: -

Full Availability:

Unified Connectivity Framework: Phase 2

  • Table Representation of butterfly diagram along with the visualize toggle, settings, search and filter.

  • Action items on each row

Duration of Beta:

Full Availability:

To become a part of the Beta program at Zeta, please reach out to your account team and Stacy Fleming, our Community Director.

To provide feedback while using a feature in the Beta program, please send it to your account team.

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