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Azure Blob Storage


The Azure Blob integration is Zeta’s Cloud storage solutions for specific Zeta Marketing Platform use cases.

Azure Blob Storage Documentation

What does the Zeta integration for Azure Blob Storage do?

Azure Blob storage is being used as a source in dataflow, which allows you to read files from the cloud storage, with specific options to take action on. Some of the flexibility with this type of integration, is the ability to message files, clean files, delete columns, add columns, delete rows and add rows. With these options, you can then send your cleaned file/files to either ZMP, your own SFTP, your own S3 or even your own cloud storage.

Use Cases


Data Flows

Can be used as a source or destination

Audience Export

Available Q1 2023

Can be used as a destination from ZMP customer audiences/segments list (via CSV/JSON file) in ZMP to Azure

Report Export

Available Q1 2023

From the ZMP report builder we allow for reports to be created with views to specific dimensions and measures, which then can be exported to Azure



For any questions or issues related to your integration please reach out to

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