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Solutions for Zync

The standard Zeta container tag bundle created and delivered to you should take care of many of our Zeta solution use cases. Depending on the products enabled, your account manager will configure the appropriate Zeta modules that will be initiated by the container tag you have implemented on your site. This standard practice is known as piggybacking. Modules that may be enabled include:



Tag Domain

  • Zeta Marketing Platform (container tag)

For a client to get started on ZMP, the first step will be to have them get our Zync Container Tag down. The Zync Container Tag allows for custom website meta-data to be collected and passed across to other tags in-use.  

This will then assign a zync_id to each person that is browsing the site, and we can then use that zync_id to match to the Data Cloud ID Graph.  

With only the Zync Container Tag, you would be able to create the following:  

  • Opportunity Explorer 


  • Programmatic

To run a programmatic campaign, all clients will need to have their DSP pixels created. These will include the Universal and Conversion pixels. By setting the standard variables at the Zync Container Tag level (see mapping parameters), this will allow those to flow to our Zeta DSP with the given attributes.


  • Website Personalization

Including lightbox activation within Zync Container Tag will allow for the use of: 

  • Website popup, overlay and inline forms 




  • ZMP Events can be recorded from Universal and Conversion Pixel 

  • Recommender (Onsite, DCO)‚Äč 

To maximize our accessibility to all site interactions for a client, turning on p13n is key. This would allow for: 

  • Tracking of any interaction with the site, including viewed pages, and purchased from a conversion event.

  • Track the known_to_zeta and known_to_customer

  • Intelligent retargeting  

  • Website Personalization

  • Social Connectors 

  • Personalized Recommendations 

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization 

  • Site Engagement 

  • Prospect Acquisition 

From p13n, all events will flow to the ZMP, which can be the central hub for all Audience Syndication and Activation.   



For more information check out the Zeta - Tag Placement Solutions!

Click below for more information:

Zeta - Tag Placement Solutions.pdf

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