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An Introduction to Zeta Tags


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“We often plough so much so much energy into the big picture, we forget the pixels.” -Silvia Cartwright

We are here to make sure that you don’t!

Owning a long history on the Internet and going by many names, a tracking pixel, also known as a web beacon or page tag, is an embedded object commonly found on a web page.

Pixels unobtrusively allow websites to record the relevant web activity of their customers. This information in turn facilitates campaign performance measurement, conversion event tracking, and audience insights across Zeta solutions.

What are Pixels?

A pixel (aka pixel tag) is a tiny piece of code that’s placed on a web page. It is not a visible image.

Pixels are used by marketers to gather relevant information, in our case, to feed data into our AI modeling systems.

  • 1x1 transparent image or JavaScript code that is called into the HTML

  • Deployed in various areas of a website

  • Gathers data for Zeta Marketing Platform modeling, attribution, and insights

Pixel Strategy

Pixel Strategy Example

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